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The new Nike SB Orange Label collection presents a range of unique and exclusive products for skate shops, and as of this season we will be able to offer Orange Label releases at 12 Pulgadas.

For the release of the collection we will start off with a bang with the new Dunk Low Pro ISO VX1000 “Camcorder”.

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro VX1000 Camcorder

The design of this new instalment of Dunk Low presents a look completely inspired by Sony's DCR-VX1000 video camera launched in 1995, which quickly became one of the icons of skateboarding.

Sony VX1000 Camcorder

At the time, the VX1000 was the most modern camcorder, which together with Century Optics' MK1 fisheye lens, made the perfect combination for recording skateboarding tricks. Its upper handle and its rigid structure also played an important part thanks to easier grip and resistance to falls.

Jenkem Mag

The upper is made of suede in different shades of gray and presents the inscriptions: "WHT BAL","PEAK","SHUTTER SPEED","REC LEVEL" and "0:00:01" referring to the multiple buttons and functions of the camera. The eyelets and the laces tips are yellow and red, simulating the “Pause” and “Stop” buttons for recording.

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro VX1000 Camcorder

At 12 Pulgadas, we will have the honor of receiving a very limited quantity of this sneaker, therefore, we will carry out an Instagram raffle this Wednesday 17th at 18h00 (CET) to qualify for the right to purchase. Customers who have made a purchase until this Saturday February 20th at our store or website will have double chances as a reward for their support. The official release date is February 20.

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro VX1000 Camcorder

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Images from Jenkem Mag and Nike SB


Creado en jueves, febrero 18, 2021 Publicado por Isaac coulibaly gonzalez Enlace Comentario
Quiero rockearlas!!!
Creado en jueves, febrero 18, 2021 Publicado por Marc Ropero Pablos Enlace Comentario
Me molaria poder tener acceso a este par de zapas porque desafortunadamente no me ha tocado ninguna dunk, y que esta sea mi primera dunk seria algo muy especial

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