Introducing: Tired Skateboards at 12 Pulgadas

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Finally seeing the light at the end of the post-pandemic tunnel, at 12 Pulgadas we take a 360-degree turn to adapt ourselves to the new needs and interests of our public. We are expanding our selection of the collections that are most requested for the new season and introducing new brands that are making waves in the skateboarding and streetwear scenes, which in many cases you can only find available at our store at a national level.


On this occasion we have the honor of presenting Tired Skateboards, from today October 25 available both in store and at with our selection of essentials and exclusive pieces that we know you’ll want to add to your collection.

Founded in 2014, the first thing we recognise when we see Tired Skateboards with its color palette in which blue, pink and red stand out, and its hybrid human-animal figures, is that it is another creation by great artist Piet Janssen, founder of Piet Parra and by Parra, this time in collaboration with skate veteran Brad Staba, with a very particular perspective for the new brand, starting with the iconic name “Tired”, already communicating so much.

Tired Skateboards Cherise Hoodie Tired Skateboards Everything is Terrible T-Shirt

In their own words: “This is for the guys breathing heavily after one ollie. For the people that are sore for three days after skating for one hour, for the guys that are the same age at the security guards kicking you off the spot. And to all skateboarding enthusiasts who will never have a career in skateboarding but love it like nothing else… Welcome to the team!”.

You may now find their basic sweatshirts in print and embroidery, as well as short and long sleeve cotton t-shirts, plus a selection of skate decks with some of the most iconic designs of the brand. We provide fast ship all over the globe!


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